To my fantastic roommates

I always want to talk about how lucky I have been since I came to United States. And among all the lucky things, the American roommates I have got in the year of 2015 to 2016 definitely ranked the top.


Everything has to be traced back to the year of 2014. I just came to America, and I had a strong desire of making friends. Back then, I was shy, speaking terrible English, and had no confidence at all. To enrich my social life, I joined in the EES club in my department and met these nice girls through a rock climbing event. They were very nice, and one of the girls who was in charge of the organization impressed me a lot. She and her boyfriend looked like such a lovely couple and for some reason I wanted to take a picture with them.

This is the first time we hang out. 

In China we always talk about the Foreshadowing. And I guess this has set a foreshadow for the future story. We gradually got to know each other, and one time when we met, we were talking about where to live next school year, and I told her I was looking for new roommates. Several days later, she texted me and asked, “Hey Grace, we are looking for one more roommate to live together, do you wanna join us?”

I was very excited. Not only because I wanted to live with Americans, but also because I liked these girls. They seemed nice, smart and also active. I added their Facebook and tried to know in advance what type of people they are. And several months later, we all moved in.

So I officially started my new life with these people. And we spent so much great time together. Even though everyone was busy, we still tried to get together once in a while. We did Italian dinner, taco night, vegetarian food night, homemade pizza night, Eastern cupcake making, moonlight walk, blueberry picking, and so many fun things together. Oh also since our majors are all related to environment. We went to cleanup events together. We also always tried to recycle wastes, compost food, etc. During this summer, we are all getting less busy so that we try to make more events. Just this morning, we made breakfast together and tonight we are going to a piano bar to celebrate my birthday.

First homemade Italian dinner, and first brunch together.

First blueberry picking. 


Homemade cupcakes for Eastern festival. 

I learned so much from my roommates. They are independent, intelligent, and always standing by my side. As a non-native speaker, I always appreciate their patience in understanding my weird English. I try my best, but still I’m an awkward speaker. And sometimes I don’t really understand them and I have to say, ” oh can you say that again?” I ever talked to my foreign friends who try to learn Chinese, and I know how annoying sometimes it can be. Since I started living with them, my English improved greatly, and this is mostly because of their help and patience.

There is a big difference between eastern and western culture, which is that, people in Asia don’t really express their feeling. For example, people love their kids but they don’t always tell them ” I love you”. During a holiday, old people will prepare money or gifts to young people but they won’t write a letter with some blessings on it. At the same time, people who are close to you don’t always encourage you. They tell you the truth, instead. So I really admire how my roommates encourage me and tell me ” you are great” even when I am dumb. When I had severe acne problem, nobody pointed that out or asked me ” what’s wrong with your face”. They told me ” you are beautiful the way you are”. I appreciate how hard they try to encourage me from staying depressed.

My graduation was another surprise. They all dressed up for me to take pictures, so we ended up getting so many beauuuutiful pictures. And after that, they printed those lovely pictures and wrote a letter for me as graduation gifts.

My graduation pictures. 

My graduation gifts. 


There are so many great things worth to mention, like how Christina decorated our apartment for Christmas, which made it so much like a home, and how she’s being nice and considerate when I talked about men troubles ( you can’t imagine how annoying this can be), like how Monica prepared our Christmas gifts and pretended that Jesus has come, and how she coached me in the gym and helped me get muscle, like how Julianne always made us delicious desserts ( she is a dessert expert btw), and how she’s such an intelligent lady that always can come up with an idea to solve my problem.

It’s so great to know you and live with you all. We are not just roommates but families. I have to count down because I’m leaving Gainesville soon. But I’ll never forget this great year. You girls become a reason why Gainesville is such a great place to stay. In the future, I wish us all the best, and the roommate-ship is always worth to memorize and treasure in my heart.